The Cultivation of Talent
and Skills in the Knowledge
and Information Era
  • The Institute of Justice is the integrated
    educational and research organization of the
    Republic of Korea that provides education
    and training for public officials assigned to
    the Ministry of Justice in the Republic of
    Korea. The Ministry of Justice is responsible
    for the administration of several law
    enforcement agencies such as the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, Probation Department,
  • the Department of Prison and Corrections,
    and Immigration, The Institute of Justice is
    also entrusted with the educational training of legal affairs so that research reports as
    well as white papers on crimes are published on an annual basis and distributed to the
    related organizations.The Institute of Justice strives to cultivate the talents and abilities of top-notch public officials in legal affairs so
  • that they can perform their administrative
    responsibilities and tasks in a creative and
    proactive manner in this current knowledge and information era. Through in-depth
    educational training and research,
    the Institute of Justice pursues excellence in its contributions in the development of legal affairs in the Republic of Korea and to the
    global community.
  • 2015 The Institute of Justice moved its main office to Jincheon and opened the External Affairs and Training Division of the Institute of Justice in its branch office in Yongin.
  • 2010 The External Cooperation Center was established. The Legal Research and Training Institute is renamed the Institute of Justice.
  • 2009 The Special Judicial Police Education Center was established.
  • 2007 The "E-Learning" Center was established
  • 1988 The Legal Research & Training Institute moved its main office from Suwon to Yongin.
  • 1972 The Legal Research & Training Institute was established and merged with the Correctional Officer School
  • 1962 Korea's Prison Officer School was renamed to "Correctional Officer School"
  • 1951 Korea's Prison Officer School was established to be responsible exclusively for training
    correctional officers.